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Trip to France
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It's so nice to go traveling...

Our latest vacation was the best ever!

When most people think of France, they think of wine, cheese, perfume, and, unfortuneately, hairy women.  Only 3/4th's of that is true.  The majority of the women here are more beautiful than the women in the US.  There are topless beaches, well, every beach is a topless beach in France.  If you were to consider driving here, I suggest that you don't unless you're a professional race car driver like our friends.  There are many things to learn about France, so sit back and relax and take in the sights of the beautiful wine country called France.

        Although we enjoy the freedoms that America offers, France seems to expierence more of the liberalism.
         Our trip started by taking US Airways from Los Angeles to Philidelphia.  We met up with David's family during our layover and visited for about an hour.  Then we boarded our flight to Paris France.  The aircraft was huge!!!  Every seat had it's own TV, blanet, headphones, and pillows.  David and I watched Monsters Inc.  Very cute movie.  We arrived in Paris at 9:40am (on schedule) and didn't get our bags until about 10:15am.  Once we had our bags, we rushed to customs and then we saw Coralie and Sophia!  We were so glad that everything went smoothly. 
        The four of us hopped on the metro and rode to Magali's apartment.  The place was small, but cozy.  A little odd to have the toilet in the kitchen though.  We managed.  We went on the Eiffle Tower, Arc De Triomphe, La Defense, and took many picutres.  We took a tour on a bus, then switched to a boat, and ended at the Eiffle Tower.  What an amazing site!!!
       We took the elevator to the second level to take in the view.  The very top was closed due to some accident that happened a while back.  There were a lot of people and tons of cigarettes!  If it's one thing; it's how much smoking there is in France!  Yuck!
        We went to the Louvre and saw the Ancient Greek sculptures, Mona Lisa, Medevil Louvre, Napoleon's apartment, and tons of other paintings.  That museum is bigger than I thought.  We got many photos.
        We went to Disneyland Paris for a few hours and went on a few rides.  They have the Indiana Jones' ride, but it's nothing like the one at Disneyland in California.  We then went to eat at a restaurant in the Disney Village.  Pretty wild place!
        On the 9th, we took the train from Paris to Cannes (almost missing it by 2 minutes and it was a 6 hour ride).  The landscape was so beautiful!  I can't believe we're in France!!!   I tried to sleep on the train, but I couldn't get comfortable. 
        We arrived in Cannes and took a taxi to get to their house.  Oh, by the way, the taxis in France are BMW's, Mercedes, or VW Passats!  Can you imagine that in the US???  The radio stations are awesome!  They acutally play The Cranberries more than once a month!
        In Cannes, you can expect to see beautiful rich people everywhere!  It's just like Beverly Hills, but better.  We went into the Carlton hotel and I used the restroom.  Yup, that's right, I used the restroom in a 5 star hotel.
        Everywhere you look in Cannes you will see Porces, Ferraris, BMW's, Roles Royces, Mercedes, and once in a while, Lamborginis.  You get use to it though.
        We were so very lucky to have great friends who has let us stay with them and who has been our personal tour guides through out our trip.  France can be very expensive without these special accomodations.

Bird of Paradise
Monaco has a beautiful garden of many exotic plants

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